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Directors' Message

mdI sincerely wish to thank you on behalf of SEMED for the continuous support and encouragement over the past years, which has allowed us to grow and develop in the area of Medical Equipment supply and maintenance.
Your continuous support and recommendations has helped us from a humble beginning to becoming one of the major player in the supply and maintenance of high quality and durable medical devices in Nigeria.
Right from inception in 2011 as a Biomedical Equipment Servicing Company and later expansion of our solution to the supply of specialized modern medical and electrical equipment in 2012, SEMED has strived to maintain high level integrity and promptness of supply and services.
We have carefully selected our international partners with strong policy of after-sales support, training and retraining of both operational personnel and above all willingness to partner with us in supporting local design and assembly.
In SEMED, we do not just supply, we analyze requests and offer professional solution, thereby, creating value for investment and achieving your request goal. We kindly you go through our products line and you will definitely find something interesting. I will personally welcome you to our facility, visit you whenever and looking forward to your calls and mails.
We sincerely appreciate your kind interest in our services as we look forward to a long term partnership with you.

E.E. Anthony
Country Director
Standard Electro-Medical Equipment Company (SEMED)

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